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Welcome to Sewia Mining LLC

Who We Are

Sewia Mining is a Ghana based LLC providing precious metals and comprehensive logistics services to clients all over the world.

Since 2016, we have been part of Ghana ingenious precious minerals industry providing minerals ranging gold, diamonds and other gems with operating license from Minerals Commission.

We are focused on acquisition, exploration and sourcing of gold with the objective of providing value for our clients and stakeholders.

What We Do

Delivering exquisite services to compliment the needs of our clients.

Gold & Diamond Export | Icon

Gold & Diamond Export

Gold & Diamond Trading | Icon

Gold & Diamond Trading

Oil & Gas Trading | Icon

Oil & Gas Trading

Licensed Mining & Services | Icon

Licensed Mining & Services

Gold Refining, Smelting and Assaying | Icon

Gold Refining, Smelting and Assaying

Passenger or Cargo Air & Sea charter | Icon

Passenger or Cargo Air & Sea charter

Bullion Delivery Van | Icon

Bullion Delivery Van

Safe Keeping Facilities | Icon

Safe Keeping Facilities

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